Cascadia English Country Dance Weekend
Seattle WA
May 3-5, 2013
Join us for some great music and great dancing. The Cascadia Weekend is another opportunity, along with the Seattle English Ball, to dance and party and celebrate. English Country Dancers of all levels of experience are welcome. The weekend starts with a Friday English Country Dance. Then we'll have workshops/dances on Saturday (lunch is included!) and a festive dance Saturday night. (Please "dress up" if you want!) On Sunday we will have two more workshops/dances, with perhaps a sunny day and a picnic in the afternoon.
The Schedule
About Fragrance Freeness
And of course there is the MUSIC. Frankly, the reason we do this every year is to show off and enjoy the Northwest’s gift to the universe, our cast of great muscians. We will announce them later.

The music will be lovingly coordinated by
Anita Anderson.

The sound will be under the expert care of Frank Brown.

For more information about Cascadia, please contact Karen Shaw, 206-784-2028; or Paul Bestock, 206-325-9080

For more information about English Dancing, click here
Kalia Kliban will join us this year. She is well-known for her patient and supportive teaching style, as well as her inexhaustible humor. She has been part of the San Francisco Bay Area dance community since the mid-80s, performing and teaching morris, longsword, American clog, English clog, and English country dance.

Kalia has been on staff for a number of west coast events including the 2007 BACDS Fall Ball, 2009 Mad Robin Ball, 2012 Victoria English Country Dance Society Hands Across the Water weekend, Mendocino English and American Weeks as well as being program director for BACDS Family Week and Fall Frolick. In 2011, Kalia was on staff at CDSS English Week at Pinewoods.